Who’s a Good Boy? Cooper is!

When I asked readers to share their pics and stories, Arthur Muhlig’s enthusiasm was unparalleled. So without further delay, here is Cooper.

“OMG, I’m such a goof owner when it comes to having fun with Cooper!” says Arthur. “He’s so darn special. There’s nothing that’s going to separate him from me!”

Splendour in the grass: Cooper chills out and has a nibble. At other times, he’s a crazy tail-wagger in surprising situations: Cooper loves going to the vet! He even whimpers when he getting close.

And the cherry on top? He’s well heeled! If, during a walk, the leash tangled in his legs, all his human has to say is “Paw, paw.” and Cooper walks backwards until he’s  untangled!

Now who’s a good boy, Cooper? You are!

“Jackie, the Puppy” by neihtn

Jackie is a Golden Retriever puppy that has been in our home for over a month. She is now a little bit over three months old. She looks pretty, but can be quite a bundle to handle.

via Jackie, the Puppy — neihtn

Maya Clementina

Guinevere Pura asked me to feature her best friend’s dog, Maya Clementina.

Over the hills and over the bumps

We walk, we run, we play, we jump

Over the streams and rivers we leap

‘Till I find a special branch to keep

Over the hills and mountains we roam

‘Til a loving voice call us back home