“Puppy In a bag” by look around!

Looks like he likes it. Maybe he’s tired, right?

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“While Walking My Dog’s Ghost by O at the Edges

While Walking My Dog’s Ghost I spot a baby rabbit lying still in a clump of grass no wider than my hand. It quivers, but I pretend not to have seen, for fear that the dog, ghost or not, will frighten and chase it into the brush, beyond its mother’s range, perhaps to become […]

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Let’s Start a Dialogue… On My Dog Blog!

Dogs. They’re in your home. They’re in videos you watch after a rough day. And let’s be real here, they’re even on the home screen of your cell phone, instead of your kids or spouse! Taking over our hearts & minds like it’s Invasion of the Treat Snatchers up in here!

So why a dog blog? Because we still want more! More pups that are, as Derek Zoolander might say, ridiculously cute looking! More weirdo goofball antics! More stories about how they change people’s lives! More information about breeds, training, shelters and rescues!

My name is Isabel but it might as well be Crazy Dog Lady. I’m neither a registered Dogologist (especially since that’s not a thing) nor an expert of any kind. But I’m here to answer your questions by sharing my experiences as an owner & providing great resources.

So send me your dog pics, stories and questions. Let’s start a dialogue… On my dog blog

Walking Dead? More like Invasion of the Treat Snatchers!