Who’s a Good Boy? Cooper is!

When I asked readers to share their pics and stories, Arthur Muhlig’s enthusiasm was unparalleled. So without further delay, here is Cooper.

“OMG, I’m such a goof owner when it comes to having fun with Cooper!” says Arthur. “He’s so darn special. There’s nothing that’s going to separate him from me!”

Splendour in the grass: Cooper chills out and has a nibble. At other times, he’s a crazy tail-wagger in surprising situations: Cooper loves going to the vet! He even whimpers when he getting close.

And the cherry on top? He’s well heeled! If, during a walk, the leash tangled in his legs, all his human has to say is “Paw, paw.” and Cooper walks backwards until he’s  untangled!

Now who’s a good boy, Cooper? You are!

“Jackie, the Puppy” by neihtn

Jackie is a Golden Retriever puppy that has been in our home for over a month. She is now a little bit over three months old. She looks pretty, but can be quite a bundle to handle.

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“Review: Lily & The Octopus by Steven Rowley” by Phoebe Quinn

This review does not contain spoilers but may indirectly refer to some events contained within the novel There was another Phoebe. A long-haired miniature dachshund who came to live with my family when I was thirteen, who died almost three years ago one sticky, dense August. I happened to have an assessment with a therapist that […]

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“While Walking My Dog’s Ghost by O at the Edges

While Walking My Dog’s Ghost I spot a baby rabbit lying still in a clump of grass no wider than my hand. It quivers, but I pretend not to have seen, for fear that the dog, ghost or not, will frighten and chase it into the brush, beyond its mother’s range, perhaps to become […]

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